Embossing Rollers

Automotive - Artificial lether

Tissue paper - Cigarette paper - Graphic arts

Metals - Textile and non-woven - Glass

embossing rollers Keller-Dorian
A unique pattern library
embossing rollers : a collection of 20.000 patterns

Keller-Dorian Graphics offers a unique pattern library with more yhan 20,000 patterns.

Keller-Dorian Graphics keeps on creating new and exclusive effects.

Embossing rollers : application fields
engraved rollers : embossing rollers

Keller-Dorian Graphics experience and know how are particularly known in markets requiring a high level of technicaly and creativity.

In this way, we are mainly involved in the following production areas :

  • Plastics : automotive, artificial lether, upholstery...
  • Tissue paper
  • Paper : cigarette paper, graphic arts, stationery...
  • Metals : aluminium foils or tread plate, steel, stainless...
  • Textiles and non-woven

Engraved rollers : embossing rollers
Engraved rollers - embossing-rollers

Keller-Dorian Graphics, with a century of experience, has acquired the most modern techniques and production tools.