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engraving rollers Keller-Dorian - engraved rollers
Engraved rollers : gravure printing rollers
Engraved rollers : gravure printing rollers

For more than a century, Keller-Dorian Graphics has played a major part in your manufacturing process.

Thanks to our knowledge of your markets, we can act on behalf of your creation departments.

Engraved rollers : embossing rollers
Engraved rollers - embossing-rollers

Keller-Dorian Graphics, with a century of experience, has acquired the most modern techniques and production tools.

Engraved rollers : applicator rollers
Engraved rollers : applicator rollers

Applicator rollers are particularly recommended for ensuring an accurate and even deposit of ink, glue, varnish, carbon, plastisol, silicon, hot melt, etc ...