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Highly qualified teams

A unique library

Engraving rollers since 1872

engraved rollers Keller-Dorian

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Engraving rollers : Highly qualified teams
engraving rollers : highly qualified teams

Keller-Dorian Graphics, is a team of powerful creation and innovating, supported by a designer.

Ultramodern unit

In the year 2004, Keller-Dorian Graphics with invested in a new ultramodern manufacturing unit located in Lyon's neighborhood.

Significant and regular investments make it possible Keller-Dorian Graphics to bring to its customers a level of quality increasingly higher.

A unique patterns Library
engraved rollers : 20,000 patterns in a unique library

Keller-Dorian Graphics places at your disposal its collection of more than 20,000 patterns :

  • 1,000 patterns specificaly developed for figured glass
  • more than 1.000 references of printed effects
  • Truncated pyramid or quadrangular screens
  • thousands of relief effects
  • patterns for water marking cigarette paper

These exclusive creations all are with the diposition of the customers of Keller-Dorian Graphics.

Engraving rollers since 1872 !
water marking cigarette paper

From the first roller engraved in 1872, and the first water marking engraved roller in 1892, since nowadays, Keller-Dorian Graphics always knew how to bring the best service and best technology to its customers.

Each Keller-Dorian Graphics's engraved roller manufactured today is the result of this long history.