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Engraved rollers application fields : floorcoverings & laminates
engraved rollers : floorcoverings & laminates

In the seventies, floorcovering markets, among others, required large widths and Keller-Dorian Graphics has followed this movement in order to bring its customers the best possible solutions for engraving rollers and image processing.

Nowadays, floorcovering and laminate markets require hyperrealistics treatments so as to duplicate natural materials in its texture and colours.

Engraved rollers application fields : wallcoverings
engraved rollers : wallcoverings

Keller-Dorian Graphics has been specialized in the decoration markets for more than a century.

Keller-Dorian Graphics offers its clients specific engraving solutions for the treatment of any kind of designs :

  • printing
  • embossing
  • in-register vinyl
  • duplex
  • rotary screens

Engraved rollers application fields : water marking of cigarette paper
engraved rollers - water marking of cigarette paper

Keller-Dorian Graphics engraved its first roller for water marking cigarette paper in the year 1892 !

Keller-Dorian Graphics is recognised as a world specialist in this field.

We have been supplying the cigarette paper markets for both wet water marking (continuous process) and dry water marking (multi step process).

Engraved rollers application fields : figured glass
engraved rollers : figured glass

Keller-Dorian Graphics has been working for the figured glass industry for over 50 years...

Keller-Dorian Graphics is reknowned as a world specialist in the figured glass field industry.

Keller-Dorian Graphics brings its clients engraving solutions for their patterns intended for figured glass.