Engraved Rollers

Figured glass

engraved rollerd for figured glass Keller-Dorian
Figured glass : creation assistance
engraved rollers : figured glass

Keller-Dorian Graphics assists you when creating new patterns and delivers exclusive services :

Simulating your projects

A 15 persons team, who are "decor processing" experts, simulate your project on computer imaging system.

They create a graphic image of the industrial result throught large size ink jet proofs (same size as the industrial engraved roller)


Keller-Dorian Graphics's sampling team, in relation with Keller-Dorian Graphics's laser department, does sampling trials on transparent sheets within a couple of days.

your projects for new patterns take shape within very short delay.

The Library

Keller-Dorian Graphics owns a huge library of over 20,000 patterns, among which more than 1,000 were developed specificaly for the figured glass industry.

Keller-Dorian Graphics offers you a large choice of patterns of all styles.

Figured glass : rollers engraving workshop
engraved rollers : rollers engraving workshop

25 skilled workers perform traditional "mill engraving" of your rollers with toolings taken from our library, or developed specificaly.

Keller-Dorian Graphics has its own lathes for traditional "mil engraving", calenders for male/female engraving on steel to steel, and chemical engraving (etching) department.

engraved rollers can have surface treatments by mechano-chemical process.

Manufacturing of engraving tools

a team of 5 hand engravers manufactures engraving tools using all diverse technologies :

  • Traditional hand engraving
  • Chemical etching
  • CNC
  • Laser engraving CO2 and YAG

Manufacturing, mechanical & technical engineering

Keller-Dorian Graphics has an engraved rollers manufacturing workshop for mid-carbon engraved rollers or stainless engraved rollers.

Keller-Dorian Graphics rollers offer all technical guarantees for the demanding market of figured glass lamination :

  • Certificate for the material
  • Control certificate
  • Heat treatment for thermal stabilisation
  • Internal boring ground and polished (at precision less than 0.1mm)