Engraved Rollers


engraved rollers for floorcoverings
Floorcoverings and Laminates
engraved rollers : floorcoverings and Laminates

Keller-Dorian Graphics often re-work patterns or artworks by hand. This is always done to copy the artist's intent or to adapt to our customer's instructions.

Keller-Dorian Graphics also re-work the pattern itself and it's colourway, as well as relief ans textures (3D effects).

Photo engraving rollers

Keller-Dorian Graphics offers complete equipment (up to 2,000mm x 2,000mm) for image processing with large repeats.

A team of 15 specialised people and stylists is exclusively involved with "Decor" processing and accomplish the following tasks :

  • realisation and interpretation of natural patterns (or artworks), selected from our library or specially developed for a given purpose.
  • Shooting, scanning.
  • Colour selection, creation of repeats and balancing.

Floorcoverings & Laminates : engraving rollers and surface treatments
engraving rollers : floorcoverings & laminates


Keller-Dorian Graphics has developped an exclusive technology that allows the engraving on steel rollers of realistic 3D textures effects.

Using reactivity of laser engraving, we are able to develop embossed samples for you few days.

Manufacturing, machanical & technical engineering

Keller-Dorian Graphics is manufacturing all kind of printing rollers or embossing rollers.

We also carry out thermal studies in order to recommend the best possible cooling or heating system for your engraved rollers.

Keller-Dorian Graphics does the copperplating and polishing of engraved rollers in all dimensions.