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Engraved rollers : a worldwide reputation
hand graved engraved roller

Thanks to its know-how, Keller-Dorian Graphics has become a world wide reference for engraved rollers.

for more than a century, Keller-Dorian Graphics has played a major part in your manufacturing process.

thanks to our knowledge of your market, we can act on behalf of your creation department to offer you the best engraved rollers.

Engraved rollers : from design to engraving of the rollers
engraved roller : quality control

Keller-Dorian Graphics is involved with its customers at each manufacturing and creation step of engraved rollers.

Whatever your need is, one of our specialized technicians will assist you in the styling and creation of your engraved roller.

Engraved rollers : a unique know-how since 1872
engraved roller : making of

since 1872, Keller-Dorian Graphics has made engraved rollers.

Keller-Dorian Graphics offers a unique patterns library with more than 20,000 patterns, and keep on creating new and exclusive effects.

Keller-Dorian Graphics's styling department always turns into new trends. We are in a position to offer ideas of designs (artwork) for your engraved rollers in relation with your end market.